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Get fit for the future with AI.

AI, CV & 3D Scan

Your expert for artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer vision.
4-hour free “AI Roadmap” workshop

KI Roadmap

If you are not sure whether artificial intelligence will bring your company an advantage, then book our 4-hour free “AI Roadmap” workshop.
You have no experience or are not sure whether artificial intelligence will bring your company a real advantage. Then the “AI Roadmap” workshop is just right for you. Using the 3-step analysis, we comb through your products or processes and identify the best possible area of application. Together we create an individual AI roadmap and define a budget. At the end of the 4-hour “Roadmap Workshop” you decide for yourself whether artificial intelligence can be helpful for your company or not.
  • Free AI workshop
  • 3 Steps Analyse

  • AI Roadmap

AI-Roadmap 3 Steps Analyse:

Step 01

Analysis of your existing processes or products.

Together we analyze your current processes or products and select those that are best suited for the use of AI.
Step 02

Where does AI have the greatest benefit for you?

The areas of application determined in Step 01 are examined for their cost/benefit factor and those which offer the greatest benefit for your company through the use of AI are filtered out.
Step 03

Creation of the individual AI timetable

Together we create your individual AI starting point, define the schedules and create the budget. At the end of the roadmap workshop, you will be best equipped to launch a successful AI project
“Unlock the full potential of your business with artificial intelligence”

KI Projekt Beratung

AI project consulting

You have a specific application or want to check whether your products or processes can be improved with AI. Then you are exactly right here.

We offer you comprehensive advice, identify AI use cases with you and determine the best case scenario. We show you which data you need and develop an AI pilot project. In extensive training and courses, we make your employees AI-Fit.
  • Advisory
  • Use case identification
  • Training and courses

Use case analysis

We analyze your business model, identify AI use cases together and advise you on where AI has the greatest impact in your company.

Training data

A core element of every AI project is good, powerful training data. Is your data suitable or do new ones need to be generated. An analysis gives security.

Model development

Which AI model is best suited for your application? What and how much data is required for this. Use your data and let’s think one step ahead.

AI pilot

A pilot project helps to test quickly and inexpensively whether the development is going in the desired direction and whether the expectations are being met. We support you with this.

AI funding advice

There are many funding programs that support AI projects. We will help you to find the right funding and support you with the application.

Training and workshops

The best AI project is nothing without training. Our AI experts train your employees and turn them into AI application professionals.

Implementation of your AI, CV or scan project

Project development

If you have a specific AI, CV or 3D project and would like to integrate it into your company, then give us a call and we will be happy to help.

We support you in the implementation of your AI, CV or scan project. Would you like to implement an image recognition model, measure your objects or carry out a 3D scan? Then you are exactly right with us. We support you in the planning, prototyping and implementation of AI, CV or 3D scans in your company
  • Planning
  • Rapid-Prototyping

  • Implementation


Image classification & detection

Artificial intelligence

We work with you to develop an image recognition algorithm for your products. Together we create the image material, define the training data and train your deep learning model.
Measurement and analysis of objects

Computer Vision

With the help of computer vision, your products can be analyzed, measured or visualized. We will help you extract the geometric data or generate the 3D files.
Visualization and data generation

3D scan and print

In order to be able to measure, classify or print an object, it is first necessary to visualize it. We help you to scan your products and generate the necessary data.
Fit for the future with AI

Keynote Speaker

We are happy to be available for moderation and as a specialist lecturer for AI or applied AI. Get in touch with us and we will make an appointment.

“Artificial intelligence wisely used will guide humanity in a 30-hour work week and free people’s lives from routine activities.”

Mag. Erwin Entrich, MBA

Agency for

Artificial Intelligent, Deep Learning and Computer Vision

We support you in the development of applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL) and Computer Vision (CV). We have specialized in digitizing, visualizing and classifying objects.


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