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Image Classification

Image classification is used to assign a label to an entire image. It is best suited for situations where only one object of interest determines the overall understanding of the image.

It can be used for simple applications such as the distinction between apples or bananas, screw or nail. However, more complex type distinctions such as: Granny Smith or Golden Delicious, thread or allen screw, defect or functional can also be implemented. The number of types is basically unlimited, but the recognition rate depends not only on the algorithm used, but also very much on the number and quality of the training data.

There are many ways to digitize objects. The spectrum ranges from simple smartphones images to high-tech cameras. In some cases you can also access finished training data. For small and shiny objects Entrich Technologies has specially developed the Lightbox Mini This enables you to digitize and classify objects quickly and easily.

Product determination

Which type or product can be seen in the image. Price, delivery time, technical details … can then be linked and displayed. Used in supermarkets, hardware stores, retail

Technical support

It is often difficult for the technician to precisely identify all individual parts. With the help of image classification, parts can be recognized and assigned. 

Fast checkout

Food recognition for automatic purchase in the food service. Automate the checkout. Used in restaurants, canteens and ski huts

Face Recognition

Face Recognition is used for the automated identification of people based on facial features. The areas of application are wide and the complexity is often related to the desired identification accuracy. Switch on, e.g. a printer requires different detection rates than access to a high-security area.

Access systems

Build reliable solutions for identification and access systems. Safe and quick thanks to „AI on the Edge“ systems.

Mask Detection

Automatic detection of whether a person is wearing a protective mask or not. Used in streets, supermarkets, pharmacy, hardware store, doctor’s office …

Hard hat identification

Does everyone in a certain area wear a hard hat? How many people are in this area? Used in production, construction site, workshops.

People detection

In the case of person detection, in contrast to face recognition, the focus is not on the person’s identity, but rather the question “Is it a person and where or how many people are in a certain area.” e.g.:

Smart queuing systems

„Stand in line“ but smart! The AI ​​identifies how many people are in which queue. Customers are automatically directed to the checkouts with the fewest people. Used in supermarkets, sports shops, pharmacies.

Restrictive area control

A warning system when people are in a prohibited areas. Used in construction sites, warehouses, workshops, offices, laboratories.

People Counter

How many people are in a store or where are they located. Used in supermarkets, sports stores and pharmacies.

Zoo alarm

Which animals are in which area of ​​the cage / zoo? Can be used for monitoring, but also as visitor information. Used in zoos, pet shops.

Other use cases

Quality monitoring

Is a product defective or functional? Automated monitoring based on image details. Used in production, workshop, laboratory …)

Smart shelf

A camera system monitors the warehouse or an individual shelf and detects how many items of a certain type are present and when one is being removed or added. Used in warehouse, production, workshop, supermarket, retail

Access control

Who has access to your company, when, where and for how long. The authorization is controlled via face recognition. Used in office or company building.

Assembly line tracking

How many articles of which type are transported on a conveyor belt. Used in production.

Automated warehouse selection

Payouts from the warehouse are assigned to the employee via facial recognition and posted automatically. Used in supermarkets, production, warehouses

Device switch

The operation of a device is authorized using face identification. Used with printers, machines, computers …

AI in the box!

Lightbox Mini for digitizing, visualizing, classifying and measuring objects.

Lightbox Mini

With our specially developed scanner “Lightbox Mini” objects can be digitized, classified and measured in detail. We combine precise scanning technology with an innovative deep learning (DL) algorithm. The Lightbox can not only digitize your objects, but also generates training data for your deep learning model and applies already trained models to the selected object. This combination not only brings you a decisive time and cost advantage, but can also be used in a variety of areas.

The Lightbox „Mini“ was specially developed for small, shiny or reflective objects. Thanks to its components manufactured using the 3D printing process, it can be quickly and inexpensively adapted to your individual needs and objects.

Build a smarter solution

Agency for

Artificial Intelligent, Deep Learning and Computer Vision

We support you in the development of applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL) and Computer Vision (CV). We have specialized in digitizing, visualizing and classifying objects.


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