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AI in the box!


With our specially developed scanner „Lightbox Mini“, objects can be digitized, classified and measured in detail. We combine precise scanning technology with an innovative deep learning (DL) algorithm. 

AI in the box!


Digitization converts analog information (data, objects, images …) into a digital format. This step is elementary, is usually underestimated and should therefore be planned carefully.

The Lightbox “Mini” will help you do this easily. It is specially designed for small, shiny or reflective objects.


Visualization is the illustration of abstract data. In our case it means making the digitized data / objects visible. The visualization can range from a simple photo to a complex 3D construction.

How extensive this point is depends heavily on the desired goal. 


This is where Artificial Intelligence begins to work its magic. Neural networks can be trained and images or objects can be classified and recognized automatically.

The integrated deep learning algorithm makes the classification quick and easy.

Technical Details

Lightbox Mini for digitizing, visualizing, classifying and measuring objects.

Lightbox Mini

With our specially developed Lightbox Mini objects can be digitized, classified and measured in detail. We combine precise scanning technology with an innovative deep learning (DL) algorithm. The Lightbox can not only digitize your objects, but also generates training data for your deep learning model and applies already trained models to the selected object. This combination not only brings you a decisive time and cost advantage, but can also be used in a variety of areas.

The Lightbox „Mini“ was specially developed for small, shiny or reflective objects. Thanks to its components manufactured using the 3D printing process, it can be quickly and inexpensively adapted to your individual needs and objects.

  • Use:

    The Lightbox Mini detects flat objects with a height of up to 5 cm and a maximum area of 15 cm x 15 cm. It is designed to be flexible and expandable.

  • Construction:

    The main body consists of a specially developed aluminum profile. Most of the other components are 3D printed for maximum flexibility and expandability. This way you can easily integrate other hardware, cameras, LED strips or accessories.

  • Specifications:
    • 1x High Quality Color Camera 12.3 MP for CS-mount lenses (with adapter also C-mount lenses)
    • 1x 16mm 10 MP Lens, Aperture Fl. 4-16
    • The height of the camera arm is electrically adjustable.
    • 4x LED light strips (As standard, up to 12 LED light strips can be attached.)
    • 2x Height-adjustable light strip holder


Agency for

Artificial Intelligent, Deep Learning and Computer Vision

We support you in the development of applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL) and Computer Vision (CV). We have specialized in digitizing, visualizing and classifying objects.


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