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Artificial Intelligent, Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

What we do

Entrich Technologies supports you in the development of applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL) and Computer Vision (CV). We have specialized in the digitization, visualization and classification of objects and help you to simplify processes, generate new know-how, develop self-learning products, and make existing expert knowledge available to others.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to increase knowledge, make work easier, and simplify tasks so that companies can step into the 30-hour week and improve people’s lives.

Our vision is to free peoples life’s from routine activities and encourage them to live an creative, resource-saving life.

Image Classification/Detection

Image classification is used to assign a label to an entire image. It is best suited for situations where only one object of interest determines the overall understanding of the image.
In contrast, object detection identifies the location and category of multiple objects in an image.

Use cases

Product determination

Technical support

Fast checkout

Face Recognition

Face Recognition is used for the automated identification of people based on facial features. The areas of application are wide and the complexity is often related to the desired identification accuracy. Switch on, e.g. a printer requires different detection rates than access to a high-security area.

Use cases

Face Recognition

Mask Detection

Hard hat identification

People detection

In the case of person detection, in contrast to face recognition, the focus is not on the person’s identity, but rather the question “Is it a person and where or how many people are in a certain area.”

Use cases

Restrictive area control

People Counter

Zoo alarm


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Agency for

Artificial Intelligent
Deep Learning and
Computer Vision

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